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    Aarushi Machavarapu

    Founder & Executive Director

    Aarushi Machavarapu is 16 years old and beginning her junior year in Austin, TX. She is passionate about feminism, foster care, women's education rights, the LGBTQ+ movement, rape culture, and more. She is involved in the arts, as well as the women in tech community, participating in coding and web design events. In her free time, she enjoys photography, painting, live music, and writing. Aarushi is extremely excited to see Threading Twine's impact upon youth & the rest of society.

    Ellie Fichtelberg

    Director of Operations

    Ellie Fichtelberg is a new team member to Threading Twine! She is 17 years old beginning her senior year in the suburbs of Chicago. She is an activist for many social issues- particularly animal rights, gender equality, and raising veteran awareness. She even created a club at her school to help raise awareness for soldiers by running events and fundraisers to support them. Besides activism, she can be found playing softball, swimming, or singing and dancing (while both are pretty rough!).

    Erica Marney

    Director of Communications

    Erica Marney is 17 years old and a senior in high school in Pennsylvania. She is an advocate for LGBT+ rights, women's rights, and the Black Lives Matter movement. As an activist, she is often involved with protests and other events based in NYC, most recently attending the Women's March. In school, she is interested in theoretical mathematics and world history. She is an avid lover of music. You can often find her playing alto saxophone in her school's band or jamming out on the bass in her rock band.

    Olivia Tung

    Director of Content

    Olivia Tung is 16 years old and will be a sophomore in high school. Originally from Austin, TX, she attends boarding school near Boston, MA. She is an advocate for women’s rights is also interested in rape culture and foster care. She is very passionate for serving her community and can often be found doing volunteer work. She has also played the piano for 10 years and enjoys playing for others, for she hopes that music can touch others like it has for her. Olivia strongly believes that respecting and considering others’ creativity is important and is very excited to join Threading Twine.

    Sanjana Goli

    Director of Technology

    Sanjana Goli is from the Bay Area, California. She has a variety of interests including the arts, speech and debate, and volunteering. She's taken her passion for dancing and applied it to her volunteer work by teaching special-needs kids how to dance and express themselves. Her involvement in public forum debate has exposed her to and has allowed her to develop an interest a wide variety of global affairs. Overall, she is passionate about raising awareness of the special talents of special needs children and strongly believes that Threading Twine can bring about this awareness to youth.

    Barbara Digangi


    Barbara is a social impact strategist, writer and licensed social worker based in New York City. With a focus on intersectional feminism, her activism and advocacy includes producing digital media, working with start-ups and mentoring individuals and groups. Barbara's "why" entails encouraging youth to realize their greatest potential by unlearning and busting through the individual and systemic barriers holding them back.


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