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Sara Momin, Austin, TX


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This poem is about someone that commits suicide because they feel trapped in a society where people are told to value money, not happiness.

the same routine the same black holes the same darkness blinding, suffocating my vision

the only way to escape is to cut your doll face mocks my agony this life isn’t okay

we are not okay only the mad can see through the veil locked up, so we can’t tell our truths to the world we were made to serve machines gave us false hope false happiness why do they tell us to dream?

if we always come back to the same factory

we can never choose

the only way to escape is to leave bullets

walk in a parade dreams only a grasp away as i fall down a cliff into the abyss that is adulthood

splatters turn into blood red wings like a doll

in checkout god scans my bar-code scars freedom from this prison has arrived

now I can finally see the stars

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