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Black Lives Matter Collection

Allen Wang and Erica Marney, Austin, TX and Danville, PA


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These photographs belong to Allen Wang, a student at University of Texas at Austin. We have obtained all rights from Wang to publish his photographs on Threading Twine. Director of Development, Erica Marney, wrote these captions.

A Black Lives Matter protest was held on July 15, 2016. Hundreds of activists and supporters gathered for the event at Texas State Capitol, coming together as a community to make a change. Everyone joined in demanding justice for Philando Castille and Alton Sterling, two black men killed by police in Minnesota and Louisiana. The event remained peaceful throughout its duration, reflecting the Black Lives Matter movement’s beliefs.

Participants around Austin, Texas shared their grieving over Castille and Sterling through signs, reading “Say their names,” and “Justice for Alton; Justice for Phil.” The many people at the event listened to speakers, performing empowering poetry and music. Black Lives Matter activists have made it clear they do not simply want theses deaths to be acknowledged; they want to stop the issues that caused them at the source. The protest gave off a powerful message to legislature in Texas, demanding changes to be made in law enforcement.

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