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University of Texas at Austin Anti-Trump Protest

Allen Wang and Erica Marney, Austin, TX and Danville, PA


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These photographs belong to Allen Wang, a student at University of Texas at Austin. We have obtained all rights from Wang to publish his photographs on Threading Twine.

A rally at University of Texas at Austin was held on November 9, 2016, protesting Donald Trump’s election for President. Hundreds of students walked out of class to participate in the march from the UT Tower, continuing toward the Texas State Capitol, and finally to the South Congress bridge. Students, along with hundreds of Austinites, walked through the streets, holding their signs and chanting “Say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here” and “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA”. The rally bridged all nationalities, races, and genders together, as unique peoples gathered to fight for the same cause. Along with everyday students from UT Austin, an anarchist, bicyclist, and businessman can be seen walking through the streets together, protesting Trump’s victory.

The protest was formed by a coalition of student organizations at UT, including the Palestine Solidarity Committee, the Queer and Trans Alliance, “One Resistance” coalition, and the Revolutionary Student Front. Many groups, all holding different beliefs and values, united to rally and fight back Trump’s election. Students from various backgrounds can be seen pictured above, carrying flags and signs representing their beliefs.

Blocking the traffic,using only cardboard and sharpies, the students and supporters set a powerful example for following protests and rallies. Colorful signs that read “Fuck Trump” and “Make Texas Mexico Again” could be seen miles away. The event started at 12:15 pm, and lasted well into the afternoon. Although some tense moments occurred, no incidents were reported, and overall, the march remained peaceful. With a turnout of over 300 participants even before the event started, the rally at UT Austin illustrates power of the people and a promising future for protests across the country.

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