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The Launch of Threading Twine

Aarushi Machavarapu, Austin, TX.


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Aarushi Machavarapu // Founder and Executive Director

Hi, I'm Aarushi Machavarapu, the founder of Threading Twine, and a 15 year old from Austin, Texas. I am a current sophomore in high school, and my dream is to change the world through social activism combined with creative passions.

About the Name:

Threading Twine is a metaphorical name. It symbolizes the youth as pieces of twine, or threads. All with individual thoughts and mindsets, but one goal: to change the world. Threading the Twine symbolizes the youth courage and bravery to voice their opinions through this organization, "Threading" them into the real world-- being ready to expose themselves and their powerful voices.

About Threading Twine:

Threading Twine is an organization I founded to empower youth to use their voices and network with others. My goal is to empower youth to empower the world, while allowing them to creatively exhibit their passions about social issues. Media is submitted to Threading Twine, such as written articles, films, art, photography, or anything else that the youth mind could possibly come up with.

I was inspired by youth in my community who maximized the resources they had to make a change in the world. I felt empowered when I realized I could change the world at such a young age, and giving youth a voice globally is something I hold true to my heart.

The most unique aspect of Threading Twine is youth getting to network with other youth and make a change in their own region. On Threading Twine, the media is posted along with the city of which the creator lives in, allowing any other creators or readers to possibly communicate and host a local event through TT to educate their community. At Threading Twine events, activists for any kind of social issue can come together, and plan an intellectual and enjoyable day, sharing experiences, telling stories, and having some fun.

Although Threading Twine is just starting out, my end goal is to make this organization a worldwide movement for the voices of tomorrow.

If you have any more questions or just want to chat, feel free to check out my bio page or contact me on my Email, Facebook, Instagram, or on the Contact Us page. You can also check out more about Threading Twine on our About page.

I hope I can gain your support in making this platform a voice for youth from all over the world. You can show your support to us by liking our Facebook page, sharing our content, and hopefully even creating media for us! Your support means the world, and the youth voices of tomorrow are going to change the world.

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