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Tanned Cage

Sara Momin, Austin, TX


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My flesh surrounds me like a cage

Everything and anything is trapped inside

​A shell of who I am is reflected, ignoring my screams inside, scarring my neck

Who I want to be roughly subdued by the suffering of others, my love forgotten

​At a crossroads, I have to choose between freedom and the people of birth

​At a crossroads, I have to choose a exotic new life, or the safety of home

Either way, the cage holds me tight

Years of struggle have barely weakened, its iron grip on my actions

The bright colors of others tortures me, knowing myself that I will never have freedom

By past has already chosen my destiny, only grit can change it

Learning how to escape, one by one, avoiding the glances of the guards, and picking the locks is the only way out

But, for now, I haven't learned

​All I can do now is pile grains of sand

All I can do now is feel trapped against the flesh of someone else's skin

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