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Matyas Csiki-Fejer, St. Louis, MO.


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An abstract explanation of the value of silence and solitude, this poem describes the feeling of being unnaturally alone in a world where we rarely are.

Close the door

Feel the breath rush

Into your chest

And make a home for a moment

A comfort, absent not wanting

Have you ever been alone?

Dark stairwells long after closing hours

Highway rest stops deserted and obscure

Your identity suspended

And the air is just a little bit crooked

Isn't it perfect?

Not deeper into the congested woods

Just on the threshold of emptiness

The eyes, the ears that held captive the world

Become you, sucked under the

Quicksand surface, drowning

You are the night among the stars

Screaming frontier

There is no trust no sober faith

To afford or betray

Your dignity remains, your duty

Not to be the subject of the noise

But the master of the silence

Maybe it's better

It was in those tucked away spaces

Alone, never lonely

For a moment, know yourself

In silence, who are you?

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