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Should Teachers Have Guns?

Lola Shoemaker

After the atrocious incident in Florida, we have started to ask the question “What should we do?” Some political figures, such as president Trump himself, have said that we should arm our teachers. However, wasn’t someone at Parkland armed?

That’s right...The deputy was at Stoneman Douglas while the shooting was going on. Did that stop the shooter? No. Did the armed guards and even policemen stop the shooter in the Las Vegas massacre last year? Not before 58 people became victim of the gunman.

Statistically it is shown that people with guns do not usually stop the threat of a shooter. But looking even past that fact, there is the question of funding. Teachers are not given enough money to buy extra pens and pencils for their classrooms. Supposedly our tax dollars are given to teachers to help further our education. But if they barely have a livable salary, how do we expect them to afford gun training or extra ammo. Even if the federal government decides to pay for it the funds will be lacking. The cost of training, arming, and screening one person could be up to approximately $605. About one hundred dollars would be used to buy a permit. The rest would be just for one, off brand, handgun. Not counting ammo, a holster, a case/safe, or a brand name handgun. Arming all or just a handful of teachers in one school would cost over $250,000 per school district. So with approximately 13,506 school districts in the United States The cost would be somewhere around 3 million dollars. For just a slight chance of “safety” the price seems somewhat reasonable…

But then is it safe to arm teachers?

According to the Gun Violence Archive, in 2017, 2,015 people fell victim of unintentional shootings.Whether it had been due to a lack of training or the gun being left in the open over 2,000 lives were taken from an “accident”. So, in a building filled with high strung, hormone changing teenagers, the best thing to do is place a gun within their reach right?


Even now teens are expressing our distaste for teachers having a gun. The internet has exploded with reactions to the government arming teachers including memes like this:

To some people it is a joke, because that is how ridiculous it seems, but some adults are actually waiting for the proposed legislation. Thinking that is a good idea.

How are untrained, low paid, teachers supposed to protect students when their armed police counterparts cannot?

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