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Ashwini Patel

On February 14, 2018

A man decided to enter a school and shoot at anyone he saw.

He decided to kill children, adults, innocents.

People who had a whole life ahead of them.

There were signs, even a tip to the FBI,

That something may not have been right,

But there was an error made, so small and simple,

And that error cost 17 lives.

But these people were more than just the number 17.

They had families, friends, people they counted on.

They meant something, they had a purpose.

Until one day, these seventeen people were just gone.

Here's another number for you.


18 is the number of school shootings in the US in the past 50 days of 2018.

What do all these numbers tell us?

They tell us about a problem, an issue.

They show us that were are facing a nationwide situation,

Yet no one seems to have a solution or explanation.

Sure, people talk.

Both political sides will make a statement, of course,

Praying for the people affected, expressing sympathy,

Before laying out their own agenda,

Talking of gun control and mental health awareness,

Promising to change something.

And it will be the talk on every news station, obviously,

Saying who said what and why and where and how,

Until a few weeks pass and it is no longer in the headlines,

Reduced to a memory in the minds of many.

And those spoken words of each side will disintegrate,
With no actions taken to change the problem that we face.

And everyone on either side will remain silent for a while,

Until the next big shooting occurs,

And once again both sides will sympathize,

Displaying their regrets and sadness

Before advocating for what they want,

With nothing actually occurring.

It’s an endless cycle, with a never ending list,

Happening again and again and again.

Columbine High School.

Virginia Tech.

Sandy Hook.

And now Stoneman Douglas High School.

What are we doing to stop it?

What are we doing to prevent it?

What are we doing to make sure that

Our brothers, sisters, friends, children,

Will never have to stare at the barrel of a gun in their face?

What have we done besides say pointless words that

Make absolutely no difference in the end?

Remember those 17 people who have died.

Remember their names,

And the countless more who have died in vain.

Remember them,

Because this is not something to be forgotten,

This is something that needs a solution,

Before countless others become a number

That you seen on a page.

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