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Where the Wound is Healed, there will Always be a Scar

Louise Uwibambe, Kigali, Rwanda



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THE BROKEN HEART written by Ruth Graham, inspired this short work. I related to Ruth’s story and have come to a conclusion--the scars our hearts carry from the past should not be carried as a burden.

Imagine you are sitting alone with so much on your mind, looking for a lay of hope. You are probably fed up going through the same old routines. Everything you thought was happiness perished, leaving you hopeless. You feel like tomorrow will be even worse. Maybe the wound is healed, but the scar still exists. Your heart still carries pain from the past.

Maybe people betrayed you, and you cannot forgive. Every time you look at the scar, feel the scar, you remember who caused it. You may be physically healed but not mentally.

This happens to all of us. We remember the evil events that happened in our past and feel sadness, betrayal, all over again, even though time continues to act as a wall. It is as if we are reliving these moments. Sometimes we think we have forgiven others, but hatred comes back so easily. Why can’t we move on? Why is it so easy to continue focusing on memories that hold us down in pain?

Don’t let the scars marking your heart hold you back and tear you apart. Use them. Scars are not beautiful, but they are permanent marking on the human body that do not fade. Scars narrate the stories of our pasts. They should not be markings to mourn over, but instead should be reminders of what we pushed past.

Graham expressed in her book how she has been struggling with pain caused by her ex-husband’s infidelity. The unfaithfulness passed , however Ruth could not reconcile his mistakes, which resulted in a divorce. Focusing on those who betray us and refusing to move on results in something worse.

Remember the pain you felt in the past. Remember how helpless you were. Remember all those lonely nights, shedding tears, asking God to remove pressing issues. I am not asking you to forget your pain from the past; this is not possible. I want to emphasize that the scars of the past should make you grateful and proud of yourself for overcoming those difficulties. Once you remember the hardship you previously overcame, smile and thank yourself. Whether the scars were left from outsiders or from yourself, they should not restrict you from moving on. You are the leader of your life.

Problems will always be present on Earth. We will cross betrayers, infidelities and many hardships. We will make mistakes and experience consequences. This is the routine of life. No matter what happens in life, do not settle for being veiled by the sadness. Move on. Be happy. Life is not perfect and that’s not your fault. Look at your scars and thank God the wound is healed.

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