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Photo Collection from Iceland

By Kiran Topiwala

Iceland. It’s on almost every traveler’s bucket list. The landscapes are incredibly breathtaking and its grandeur, at times is a lot to take in. Here, we stood on a seaside cliff overlooking a black beach on one side and a natural arch on the other. Dyrholóhlaey. Literally a place out of the movies.

One thing that Iceland had plenty of was mood. Oh, and waterfalls. And sheep. The lush greens and misty skies made it impossible to not take a good photo. Rather, I found it important to really capture the essence of experiencing and seeing such incredible places. In this photo my younger brother, Rajan is braving the cold and blowing mist, walking to come up underneath the powerful Skogafoss. You can get as close as you want, there’s no one and nothing can stop you. It is simply you and mother nature in Iceland.

Walking on black beaches was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. First off, it’s cold out, the sand is black, the waves are incredibly big, and there’s mountains pressed up along the shore. The texture of the landscape is somewhat odd, and the experience of it all makes you feel otherworldly.

That feeling when you can’t describe what you’re feeling.

Although the island is relatively small itself, the landscapes make you feel tiny. Something to be understood when visiting Iceland is that you’re not in control of anything pertaining to your journey or else. Mother nature is.

This is easily one of my favorite photos from the trip. There’s no words that describe this place - It was a struggle to take it all in.

Did I mention there are waterfalls everywhere? Well, they’re everywhere.

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