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GET INVOLVED: Ignite the Youth Africa

Introducing our new featured social impact organization! Threading Twine strongly believes in using our platform to advance activism opportunities in various ways along the globe. Previously, we featured Ladki Love, which promotes women’s education and wellbeing in India. This month, we will be featuring Ignite the Youth Africa, an association of African Youth Activists!

Our international ambassador from Rwanda, Marie Louise Uwibambe, introduced this organization to the Threading Twine team, and we decided to feature this organization because of its unique location, but also because anyone can get involved! Learn more below and read the full information about this incredible opportunity here:

IGNITE THE YOUTH is an International Society of African Youth Activists. Ignite the Youth is a gathering of youth activists, specially formed to advocate for awareness among young Africans, promote youth activism and 'ignite' the search for solutions to contemporary problems in Africa by the African Youth. Ignite the Youth is the number one platform for African youth!

The Mission

To be a community of millions of young Africans, all interacting and exchanging revolutionary ideas while continuously thinking towards the betterment of the African Continent.

Through strategic dialogue and energetic youth activism, the society seeks to empower African youth with an open platform.

How YOU Can Get Involved!

Contact Ignite the Youth Africa here!

You can help by reaching out to ITG about their International Panel Program, and by contacting them for further activism opportunities. You can also contact Threading Twine if you would like us to put you in touch with ITG!

To Learn More

Read more about ITG and the full description here!

Visit Ignite the Youth Africa's website, HERE.

ITG Africa can also be reached on Google Plus, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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