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Janice Oh, Austin, TX.


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In our ever increasingly competitive society, more and more teens are pressured to fit into the “perfect mold” to attempt to appeal to colleges. You can try to be amazing at everything. But the thing is, if you're good at everything, what makes you special? Keeping the top grades in every subject while excelling at a million extracurricular activities does not make you labeled as “unique.” It may be one way to be unique. But there are a million other ways as well. You can have mediocre grades but be a lacrosse star. You can have terrible grades but have a passion for dance. You don't even have to be the best in a specific field to be special. All you need is a passion for it. So don't let the encapsulating pressure from those around you trap you in a box, withholding you from truly embracing your passion. Be unique through your own way and escape from society’s expectations.



This isn’t like a sharp pain. No.

It is not like the jab of a sword nor the sting of a slap.

This, feels numb. Slowly consuming what’s inside.

It feasts on my worries and excretes stress into my

mind, plaguing it with insects of fear that swarm

around my brain.

I cannot stop the whispers and threats inside my head.

I see it loom over like a shadow. What am I doing here

now? What should I have done to do better? Will things

ever get better? Or will this horrendous process repeat

again in a grueling cycle?

I am still me.

The irony of it all is that what I see as a mountain, others

see as an anthill. What I call a monster, others call a mere


They don’t see what I see.

They don’t think how I think.

It does not help that my mind seems to always deviate

from the conventional sense of other minds.

When I sit down and truly think, I too see the anthill

and I too see the critter. But for some reason, the

apparition of the mountain and the monster never

leave my mind.

No matter what my sense tells me - that the problem

isn’t as big as it seems - my mind takes over and veils the

small with a cloak, making it look ominous.

The mind is the master of illusion and traps.

I see an escape. But right now, it is a keyhole. The way

out will only widen through a change in mindset.

But how can I change my mindset when it is set in stone,

made of steel and locked in chains? I see that slowly the

stone is eroding, the steel is melting, and the chains are


But when will they grow weak enough for me to break free?

How can I help myself so that the monstrosity leaves and I

can truly breathe again?

I am still me.

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