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International Women's Day Walkout Collection

Ella Castro and Olivia Tung, Austin, TX


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These photographs belong to Ella Castro, a student at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy in Austin, TX. We have obtained all rights from Castro to publish her photographs on Threading Twine.

All captions were written by Olivia Tung, who participated in the Liberal Arts and Science Academy’s International Women’s Day walkout.

International Women’s Day has been recognized annually on March 8th since the early 1900’s. This global movement includes events, like arts performances, walkouts, and protests, to recognize women’s issues, gender equality, and celebrate women’s political, social cultural and economic accomplishments, bringing together governments, women’s organizations, and corporations around the world.

This year, due the success from the Women’s March on Washington in January, organizers of the March launched a new campaign: A Day Without Women. Women in the USA and around the world were encouraged on International Women’s Day to strike from work in protest of economic inequality, prejudice, and insecurity women face in the workplace.

To participate in International Women’s Day, the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA) located in Austin, Texas, hosted a walkout at 1:30pm on March 8th. A group of juniors planned the walkout, emailing teachers, students, and staff members. All students were invited to participate. Although LASA’s environment is very rigorous and class is taken seriously, about 100 students participated in the walkout, coming together at the front doors of LASA ready to empower and motivate their peers.

Students gathered around picnic tables, wearing red to show their solidarity with the movement, as well as carried flowers passed out in the hallways before class had started that morning. Girl Boss music, like Beyonce, blasted loudly from speakers, catching the attention of students who remained in class that could be seen watching from open windows. Students shared what International Women’s Day means to them and how some of the most influential, powerful people in today’s society are women. In doing so bridged the differences between all attendees across the four grades.

Signs were made from cardboard and poster paper with paint and markers with phrases like “Can’t Grab This” and “Pu$$y Power”, giving students the opportunity to talk one another about the importance of women and coming together to fight for women’s rights. The walkout lasted for about an hour. While some students returned to class for one last school period, many walkout attendees left school early, taking unexcused absences, joining millions of women across the world on strike. Not only was it inspiring to see such a large turnout of youth fighting for change, but also empowering to see a school come together in support of such an important global movement.

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