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    Sibani Ram, Iowa

    "I think I was eight years old when I decided that I’d rather go to sleep with my arm across whatever book I was absorbed in than fall asleep cuddling a doll,” says Rebecca Davis, senior editor of over 25 years for Boyds Mills Press and WordSong, Imprints of Highlights.

    Emma Golith Interview

    Emma Golith describes Kuli Kuli's mission and her role in bringing their vision to life. Click above to learn more about their mission and how they have been impacting the world!

    Louise Uwibambe, Kigali, Rwanda

    THE BROKEN HEART written by Ruth Graham, inspired this short work. I related to Ruth’s story and have come to a conclusion--the scars our hearts carry from the past should not be carried as a burden.

    Suchita Misra, Austin, TX

    Last year when I went to Hawaii, I had the chance to see breathtaking scenery and had a life-changing experience. The beaches were so serene and beautiful, I walked on...

    Sara Momin, Austin, TX

    In this poem, Momin highlights the feeling of being trapped in a cage, obstructing her from making decisions for herself.

    Louise Uwibambe, Kigali, Rwanda

    Six months of working in an African hub of activism has changed my mind. It happened when we started advocating using articles and discussions. I was too shy, too soft, to speak out the truth that can hurt. My heart would always tell me that was capable of doing something...

    Ashwini Murali, Bay Area, CA

    I miss you when the sun scorches the sky, when the wind shifts the branches, when the waves of the beach pound against the shore like I am trapped in a bell jar I could never quite escape. I always knew I was different, and I suppose you knew it too: you smiled like a child, and loved like a broken teenager, with too much despondency and never enough attachment.

    Introducing our new featured social impact organization! Threading Twine strongly believes in using our platform to advance activism opportunities in various ways along the globe. Previously, we featured Ladki Love, which promotes women’s education and wellbeing in India. This month, we will be featuring Ignite the Youth Africa, an association of African Youth Activists!

    Gokul Venkatachalam, St. Louis, MO

    The rolling hills of the western Ghats are lined with rows of of tall palm trees,aligned in various directions. Succulent, light-green coconuts droop from the tenuous palm trees, bedazzling the Kerala skyline. In my five-year old innocence, I watch in awe as wild peacocks strut across the dirt road, spreading their feathers and revealing a kaleidoscopic spread of hues ranging from dark green to bright orange.

    Justin Lyons, Charlotte, NC

    The fall Congressional session kicked off yesterday with President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, leaving Congress on the hook to pass legislation to fix the system by early 2018. It’s one in a litany of legislative issues that Congress will tackle with lawmakers now back from the August recess.

    Kiran Topiwala, Austin, TX

    Kiran Topiwala shares his photo documentation of a trip to Iceland, filled with breathtaking views and powerful waterfalls.

    Sibani Ram

    In today’s world, one can be robbed of almost anything. Food. Home. Family. But, there’s one thing that cannot be taken away once it’s been mastered thoroughly: education. Yes, there are places where educational opportunities for the undocumented are compromised, girls have been shot for going to school, and books have been set aflame.

    Mirah Curzer

    Yesterday, Nazis were marching with torches in the streets of an American city, chanting “White Lives Matter,” “You will not replace us,” and “Jews will not replace us.” They beat counter-protesters with poles and rammed the crowd with a car, killing a woman and injuring dozens of others...

    Sara Momin, Austin, TX

    This poem is about someone that commits suicide because they feel trapped in a society where people are told to value money, not happiness.

    Kate Miller, Abilene, TX

    "I'm not sure [school name] is still a true Christian college/university anymore.”

    "Are they going to also hold bomb-making classes in this ‘prayer’ room?”

    "It should be burnt down!”

    When a list is made of things that might make students screaming, cursing mad at their universities, “prayer” isn’t often at the top. However, the above quotations are just a sample of a larger, negative online reaction...

    Shreya Nakkala, Austin, TX

    Once again, Vanessa Hudgens is labeled “Queen of Coachella” as she dresses in bindis and face jewels. The bindi has a spiritual significance in the Hindu culture. The Ajna Chakra is a place on the forehead where the bindi is placed, as it signifies the “Third Eye.” It symbolizes...

    Cynthia Changyit-Levin and Gokul Venkatachalm, St. Louis, MO

    Levin is the co-leader of the RESULTS St. Louis chapter and an active member within the RESULTS organization. Editor in Chief, Gokul Venkatachalam, had the opportunity to interview Levin about her work involving relieving poverty and citizen advocacy.

    Juliana Britto, Bay Area, CA

    Today on International Worker’s Day, immigrants, workers and allies across the country are hitting the streets to fight back against President Trump’s immigration agenda. From New York to California, today’s actions come after months of organizing against what activists are calling “Trump’s deportation machine"...

    Haran Kumar, St. Louis, MO

    September 11th is a day that will live in infamy. On that day in 1973, Salvador Allende was murdered in cold blood. If he had been the democratically elected leader of Britain or Canada, his death would certainly have drawn international outcry and retaliation...

    Isabella Gonzalez and Erica Marney, Atlanta, GA and Danville, PA

    Artist Isabella Gonzalez’ piece represents the forgotten life of a young refugee. Experiencing more than most do in their entire lives, young, refugee children are often dismissed. Gonzalez captures this in her artwork by...

    Allen Wang and Erica Marney, Austin, TX and Danville, PA

    A Black Lives Matter protest was held on July 15, 2016. Hundreds of activists and supporters gathered for the event at Texas State Capitol, coming together as a community to make a change. Everyone joined in demanding justice for Philando Castille and Alton Sterling...

    Mirah Curzer, Brooklyn, NY

    Curzer, a lawyer and feminist, shares a prayer, asking God for the strength and patience to not give up and continue pursuing activism.

    Ashwini Murali, Bay Area, CA

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insecure about my looks, my face, my hair, my body. Perhaps it is because I’m a teenager, and these are natural things to feel, but perhaps not. Perhaps my whole life, I will never know what it is to be content with the way I look. I can name at least three guys...

    Barbara DiGangi, New York, NY

    The Women's March was a worldwide protest that occurred on January 21, 2017, advocating for legislations and policies , including women's rights, immigration reform, and healthcare reform. Most rallies were aimed towards Donald Trump...

    Emily Gao, Austin, TX

    It’s time for a pop quiz! But don’t worry, it’s an easy question: When did all American women get the right to vote? The answer isn’t 1920. That’s when white women got the right to vote…

    Mirah Curzer, Brooklyn, NY

    There has been a lot of backlash against trigger warnings lately, from an article in the Atlantic calling students “coddled” and selfish, to a self-righteous Slate article declaring a culture of “PC sanctimony"...

    Vincent Hao, Austin, TX

    In Hao's poem, he reminisces about his relationship with his father, hoping his father will one day come to terms with Hao growing up and eventually leaving him.

    Threading Twine Executive Team

    Earlier this month, our executive team had the opportunity to meet face to face in Silicon Valley, California for Round 2 of Catapult, a startup incubator for youth entrepreneurs. Threading Twine, along with 9 other amazing startups...

    Nivi Biju, St. Louis, MO

    Each night ended with a reminder to pray before I went to bed. Sometimes I did, and sometimes I would conveniently “forget”. My parents are semi-religious Hindus, who put me in Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam dance classes...

    Apurva Sriprasana, Bay Area, CA

    Over the years, the definition of what it means to be a female has evolved. However, the culture that promotes and does not prevent sexual harassment has caused women around the world to live in fear of being used...

    Jenn Griffen, Chicago, IL

    In Griffen's second published poem on Threading Twine, she reflects on her family situation and how she has had to fill in her father's missing role.

    Kris Kidd and Erica Marney,

    Los Angeles, CA and Danville, PA

    Kris Kidd, a confessional poet and essayist, is young, hot, and hating it. Kidd, who can be found in campaigns, like Calvin Klein, and multiple short films, has two published books, I Can’t Feel My Face and Down for Whatever.

    Threading Twine’s Director of Development, Erica Marney, had the incredible opportunity to interview Kidd. Here are the Kidd’s responses to her questions.

    Bharat Sreekrishnavilas,

    St. Louis, MO

    Early in the morning, still exhausted, I rush to get ready for school, Twice as fast as I usually would on a regular day. A quick shower and an even quicker bite of breakfast before I...

    Akhila Vemuri, Bay Area, CA

    Freshmen year: she started photography.The same friends modeled for her, resulting in all her photographs to seem repetitive: a girl against a wall or lockers, looking sad and alone. She enjoyed taking pictures like these during her early years of high school, because...

    Vincent Hao, Austin, TX

    Published poet, Vincent Hao's poem is inspired by the recovery process of a sickened loved one.

    Ella Castro, Olivia Tung

    Austin, TX

    International Women’s Day has been recognized annually on March 8th since the early 1900’s. This global movement includes events, like arts performances, walkouts, and protests, to recognize women’s issues, gender equality, and celebrate women’s political, social...

    Hanniya Zohdi, Vancouver, Canada

    In Zohdi's abstract poem, she reflects upon what it is like to experience insomnia.

    Kristen Shi, Toronto, Canada

    I feel like as a kid, a lot of old people told me I was going to be influenced by fashion and figures that I found in magazines. Once again, boomers have failed to characterize my generation at all, because neither I nor anyone I know has ever picked up anything close to a fashion magazine...

    Ian Chiu, Austin, TX

    The odor of sweet-scented alcohol filled the gloomy atmosphere of my sixth-block classroom. As I carefully reviewed the notes of the procedure I had taken the day before, I couldn’t help but anticipate the wonders of exploring a sheep’s...

    Juliana Britto, Bay Area, CA

    Since Trump decided to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, the Change.org community has been pushing state governors to reaffirm their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And on July 13–16, climate justice activists...

    Aarushi Machavarapu, Austin, TX

    As teenagers, we ask ourselves an abundance of questions. We attempt to find ourselves while being inundated by people telling us who we should be, we question our identity the most at the times we feel they should be most established, and we ask ourselves

    W. Douglas Banks, Lansdale, PA

    When I agreed to participate in the latest commercial by Ancestory.com entitled “Declaration Descendants,” which used descendants of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence, my greatest fear was possibly being asked to put on a white, powdered...

    Allen Wang and Erica Marney, Austin, TX and Danville, PA

    This is a collection of photographs taken at the Anti-Trump Protest arranged by University of Texas at Austin students. Hundreds of students walked out of class, holding signs and chanting...

    Barbara DiGangi, New York, NY

    Beyonce, looking like a goddess more than ever, hosted her Carter Push Party last weekend. While most are on the edge of our seats waiting for double the BEYbies...


    Mikola De Roo, Brooklyn, NY


    Here’s the context: You’ve just come from an amazing rally. Or a march. Or a conference. Or a protest involving courageous acts of civil disobedience. Most of what you have seen and heard

    Geoffrey Stone, Chicago, IL

    One of the police officers who was grievously wounded last July in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in a brutal attack by

    Martin Urbach, New York, NY

    Talking about themes of social justice activism with students can be a challenging and scary conversation

    Gokul Venkatachalam, St. Louis, MO

    Lights begin to flash, and the collective anticipation of the thousands of spectators and eliminated contestants permeates the large auditorium. Donned in a checkered shirt (with a LeBron James

    Jenn Griffin, Chicago, IL

    In her abstract poem, Jenn Griffen features her window as a motif to help express her and other teenagers' emotions.



    Jenna Woginrich, Jackson, NY

    When I was in junior high (that is what we called middle school in small-town America) I had a huge crush on a boy who seemed like an unattainable celebrity, even then. He was tan, fit and had the kind of dreamy hair boys

    Olivia Tung, Austin, TX

    I wiped my sweaty palms against the itchy chiffon tightly wrapped around my body. The bench felt worn beneath me. My heart pounded as my eyes darted back and forth across a sea of black and white. I finally looked up one last time: impatient judges glaring, pens in their hands...

    Amos Chen, St. Louis, MO

    If you type the words, “Missouri bipolar,” into Google, the first suggested search result is, “Missouri bipolar weather.” Ask anyone who’s spent significant amounts of time in the Show Me State and they’ll regale

    Matyas Csiki-Fejer, St. Louis, MO

    An abstract explanation of the value of silence and solitude, this poem describes the feeling of being unnaturally alone in a world where we rarely are.


    Cheryl Ma, St. Louis, MO

    Breathing heavily with sweat dripping down my face, I look around in trepidation and brace myself for the dreaded chaos that I had long

    Yasmin Younis, Boston, MA

    Mindy Kaling, one of Hollywood’s esteemed Comedy Queens, did it again. Did what, exactly? Hilariously

    Erica Marney, Danville, PA

    One day in English class, we discussed animal cruelty and vegan diets. Mrs. Filipelli posed the simple question: “Why is being vegan so important?” I piped up, explaining “Consuming animal products only aids animal cruelty; vegans are trying to...

    Ellie Fichtelberg, Chicago, IL

    As famous youth American entrepreneur, Walt Disney, once said, “if you can dream it, you can do it.” This inspires children to have many long term hopes and dreams,

    Sanjana Goli, Bay Area, CA

    "Sanjana, don’t be worried! It’ll be fun,” my sister pacified me as I walked into the volunteering program for the first time. Despite her reassurance, I couldn’t wipe the look of

    Olivia Tung, Austin, TX

    I have always described my relationship with my mom with the words “close” and “strong”. For as long as I can remember, I have accompanied her while running seemingly mundane errands, such as buying groceries and going to the bank. Whenever I am out shopping with friends, I text her pictures of possible purchases so I can get not only a parent’s opinion...

    Nina Maitra, St. Louis, MO.

    When we think of heroes, usually we think about the ones in comics or movies who fly into our brain with perfect jawlines wearing dashing capes. In reality, a hero could be someone as brave as Superman, or someone as mundane as your next door neighbor. While these two examples are different, both strive to make the world a better place. So, what defines a hero? This lacks a

    Nate Fulmer, Angel Montie, C Mandler, Julia Kurpiel, Tyler Gates, Erica Marney

    In every city, LGBTQ+ Pride Parades aim to bring the community together in their own, unique way. To explore these different queer cultures across the United States, 5 young activists came together to combine photos of these most recent parades from 4 cities: Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, and St. Louis.

    Chinmaya Andukuri, Austin, TX

    There comes a point during adolescence - somewhere between freshman orientation, driving for the first time and listening to speeches during graduation - at which you question yourself.

    You question your authority, your credibility, your accomplishments, and above all, your identity. You get

    Lisa Moomaw, Austin, TX

    In some circles, it’s become a commonly cited statistic that the United States of America, the supposed greatest country in the world, landed at a disappointing 24th in the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment’s

    Janice Oh, Austin, TX

    In our ever increasingly competitive society, more and more teens are pressured to fit into the “perfect mold” to attempt to appeal to colleges. You can try to be amazing at everything. But the thing is, if you're good at everything, what makes you special? Keeping the top grades in every subject...

    Aarushi Machavarapu, Austin, TX

    Hi, I'm Aarushi Machavarapu, the founder of Threading Twine, and a 15 year old from Austin, Texas. I am a current sophomore in high school, and my dream is to change the world through social activism combined with creative passions...

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