• About Threading Twine

    Threading Twine is a platform for youth creators to voice themselves and network with others.

    Founded in January 2017, Threading Twine is a youth-led organization that focuses on allowing youth creators to have a voice in an increasingly globalized world. We allow youth to create media about social issues they have a passion for and submit it to Threading Twine. Threading Twine is a communication system for the intellectual youth in today's world.


    Through Threading Twine, creators have the opportunity to network from their location, eventually being able to host an event for their community in order to raise awareness and share their experiences. Victims, activists, and local community members are invited to these events, in order to become a part of a worldwide activism movement. This way, youth make a global impact through their creation, and are allowed to contribute more directly to the community that surrounds them.


    The mission of Threading Twine is to empower youth to follow their passions and make a change in the world. We interact with young leaders- the next generation of activists who are looking to educate the world through their personal creations.

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