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    Sibani Ram

    "I think I was eight years old when I decided that I’d rather go to sleep with my arm across whatever book I was absorbed in than fall asleep cuddling a doll,” says Rebecca Davis, senior editor of over 25 years for Boyds Mills Press and WordSong, Imprints of Highlights.

    Interview with Emma Giloth

    This interview explains Kuli Kuli's mission and Emma Giloth's role in bringing this vision to life!

    Louise Uwibambe

    THE BROKEN HEART written by Ruth Graham, inspired this short work. I related to Ruth’s story and have come to a conclusion--the scars our hearts carry from the past should not be carried as a burden.

    Suchita Misra

    Last year when I went to Hawaii, I had the chance to see breathtaking scenery and had a life-changing experience. The beaches were so serene and beautiful, I walked on the smooth sand with cool ocean water on my feet for hours. The waterfalls were so translucent, I could see my reflection in the water. The trails were so...

  • Our Goals

    What we aim to accomplish.


    Threading Twine aims to be accessible and available to youth from around the world.


    Youth do not have many outlets for their creative thinking- Threading Twine is a place that encourages this.


    We aim to educate and inspire youth to believe that they have a voice that can make an impact in our world.


    TT allows youth from around the world to communicate, network, and engage with each others' creativity & talent.

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